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Rock Crushers cannot be built adjacent to each other—there must be at least one tile in between Rock Crushers. The Crusher can be loaded and unloaded via Loaders or BuildCraft Pipes. The entire 3x2x2 structure is treated as a single block, similar to a large

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If you have Buildcraft 3.x installed, the Rock Crusher will need to be powered via Buildcraft Pneumatic Power. It will use roughly 15,000 RF of power to process each item. The Crusher has an internal buffer of 16,000 RF. If you have IndustrialCraft2 installed, the

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This is a Tutorial to show you how to make and use the Rock Crusher From Railcraft. From the Direwolf20 pack 1.7.10 hope this helps For more info on the Rock Crusher please got to the FTB Wiki ...

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The rock crusher from the Railcraft mod appears to be the best bet for getting rid of excessive cobblestone. But I also need to learn a bit more on how to automate inventory issues with the ...

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The Rock Crusher' is a 3x2x2 structure for processing various materials. The Crusher is built out of 12 special blocks made from a Block of Steel, Pistons, and Diamonds. If broken down, it takes 3 Blocks of Steel, 12 Pistons, and 12 Diamonds to build one Rock

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How to use rock crusher minecraft buildcraft how to use a rock crusher rockthecradle may 24 2015 this is a tutorial to show you how to make and use the rock crusher from railcraftrom the direwolf20 pack 110 hope this helps for more info on the rock crushe ...